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Dori Smith of Talk Nation Radio has put together a wonderful tribute show to our late friend John Gideon. Ellen Theisen, his partner at and I — and John — join Dori in her remembrance. It was good…no, great…no, heartbreaking…but wonderful, to hear his voice again…

A link to the interview is available here.

Many thanks to Dori Smith for putting together the tribute.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words about my dad. Please leave a comment in the Guestbook and we will do our best to see that everyone gets notified of a memorial celebration.  It is tentatively looking like early June will be the best time, hopefully the weather will have itself straightened out by that time.

If anyone is interested in seeing the tributes and kind words said by his colleagues and associates that he worked with in the election integrity community they are here:

Brad Friedman’s tribute

VotersUnite’s comments

Lastly, a collection of comments that have been posted around the web and collected by NC Coalition for Verified Voting. They can be found here.

The outpouring of support from people all over the US has been overwhelming and very humbling. I know my dad would have been absolutely stunned by the amount of people who miss his contributions and work.  So thank you to everyone for your support at this difficult time.

Rick and Family

John Gideon (1947 – 2009)

John R. Gideon II passed away April 27, 2009 at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA surrounded by his loving family.

John was born Feb 10, 1947 to John and Georgette Gideon in Los Angeles, CA. He served in the Navy from 1966 to 1970, serving during the Vietnam War era and was honorably discharged. He married his wife Marlys in 1972 in Palos Verdes, CA at Wayfarer’s Chapel. After relocating to Bremerton in the Mid-70’s he worked in Shop 38 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. He retired in 2002 after serving over 34 years of combined federal service.

On a personal note, many years ago John made good on a New Year’s resolution of learning to play the bagpipes and played with the Clan Gordon Pipe Band of Tacoma, WA until a few years ago. His biggest highlight with Clan Gordon was ringing in the year 2000 at the Waipu Millennium Highland Games in New Zealand.

In his retirement, John became passionately involved in election integrity issues and was the co-Founder/Director of where his most well-known public contribution was publishing a daily news clipping service infused with his own brand of sharp, take-no-prisoners commentary regarding election issues. His “Daily Voting News” became an integral staple for election activists, experts and public officials alike, and was widely recognized for its dependable accuracy and timeliness. He was also a frequent contributor and resource for numerous media outlets, elected officials and other activists in the election integrity field.

More recently, after finding out that his son had decided to purchase a motorcycle, he fulfilled a long dream of wanting to own a Harley-Davidson and truly enjoyed riding as often as he could. Two wheels brought father and son closer than ever as they shared a common interest. John was a member of the Silverdale H.O.G chapter #2038.

John was preceded in death by his wife Marlys in 2002. He is survived by his son Rick, daughter-in-law Spring and grandson of Bremerton, sister Margaret and Jim McDonald of Silverdale.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made online at or be sent to:

660 Jefferson Ave.
Port Ludlow, WA 98365

A celebration of John’s life will be scheduled for sometime in June.

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